Automation Software Developpment: Feed Mill Automation Software, Total Mixed Ration software

Automation Software Developpment

Our team of programmers can work on developing your custom automation software in order to facilitate administrative and production tasks. We make your data available for you to make informed production decisions. Our infrastructure allows us to perform maintenance and remote support. Our systems include user level control allows you to restrict the rights of users according to their tasks. Our systems can help you achieve different certifications like HACCP, so to meet the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. Backups of your data is also possible. So you avoid the hassle in case of failure. We offer you an overview of your production in real-time across all your devices.

Automation Software: Feed Mill Automation Software, Total Mixed Ration software.

Feed mill automation software
Our Feed Mill dosing software allows monitoring of the production, from receiving to shipping, meeting the requirements of the HACCP certification. The ingredients controls prevent that drug causes cross-contamination, both in the mixer than in silos. You can easily perform daily inventory of your drugs using the ingredient usage history. The control allows users to restrict the activities of these according to their tasks. The software includes a management system to process your recipes based on delivery dates or to prioritize orders. We are also in charge of the IT infrastructure allowing you to work on one or more workstations. If you have special requests, it is easy for us to change our software according to your mode of operation.
Total Mixed Ration Software (TMR)
The software enables TMR to serve a balanced ration to the cow by automating the mixing process from silos. The total ration mixed software is available in several versions. Our offer is therefore a very competitive solution on the market. Our control panel and software can easily integrate with your current equipment to reduce implementation costs. The installation includes an alert system when stopping the mixer. In addition, the user interface is simple and friendly.
Control systems with instrumentation processes
The control system with instrumentation processes allow to easily manage continuous process. We can integrate the management of alternation and succession of the system to ensure smooth operation. Our software simplifies the management of alarms that can integrate with your system using your own communication network.
Automation softwares productivity

The avantages

We can offer you a product adapted to your budget or to meet specific requirements.

  • Systems tailored to your needs
  • User friendly interface
  • User Controls
  • Remote access to all your devices
  • Management of alternation and system succession
  • Reliable communication networks
  • Custom modification to suit your needs