Data and Communication Network Installation and Configuration

Data and Communication Network Installation and Configuration.

Contact us to set up reliable and effective communication networks. Our team will be happy to work on the design of complex communications infrastructures in order to ensure good communication between your hardware. We also have the computer expertise to develop Ethernet VPNs to maintain your appliances remotely. Remember Groupe Baillargeon for the installation and configuration of a wireless network covering a large distance to provide your electronics internet access often required for updates.

Communication Protocols

DeviceNet is a communications protocol used to administer a wide range of devices such as sensors. This protocol uses CAN technology (Controller Area Network) and can configure networks up to 64 buses and baud rates of 125, 250 or 500 kbits/s.
Fieldbus / ControlNet
Fieldbus is a protocol used for monitoring in real time as standardized IEC 61158 maintained in the past as ControlNet. The man-machine interface (HMI) is for the operator who monitors and controls the system. It communicates with programmable logic controllers (PLC) that perform the tasks to control sensors, actuators, motors, switches, valves and contactors.
DF1 is an asynchronous protocol that is used to communicate with most Allen Bradley RS232 interfaces. The series frame the link layer is a composition of a conventional RS-232 with the parameters specified with 8 data bits, no parity, a transmission speed of 19200 and an ASCII protocol.
EtherNet / IP combines a standard Ethernet network with standard Common Industrial Protocol (CIP) and is one of the most widely used worldwide.
EtherCAT (Ethernet for Control Automation Technology) has the distinction of being in real time, which allows to introduce machine safety directly into the frame of the Ethernet communication.
The Factory Interface Network Service (FINS) is a communication protocol used for controlling Omron programmable controllers. This type of communication is compatible with several types of network communication.
Modbus is a serial communication type which is used for communication with Schneider Electric PLCs. Being simple and robust, it is commonly used to connect several industrial electronics.
Profinet is an open communication standard for industrial automation. This tool was developed by Siemens, Phoenix Contact, Molex and other manufacturers. Data transmission is fast, network structures are integrated and standardized, and that, from the control phase to the field phase. In addition, network management is flexible.
The Service Request Transport Protocol (STRP-GE) is a communication protocol that was developed by GE Intelligent plateforms and used on Ethernet networks for data transfer. The SRTP customers are able to read and write the device memory supports SRTP.