Machine Safety Systems Installation

Machine Safety Systems

Contact us to provide your machine security components. We sell and install safety light curtains, laser scanners, programmable systems, carpets and safety edges, safety switches (doors and others), emergency stop devices, operator controls and monitoring relays. Ensure the safety of your employees with devices that protect them from dangerous operations.

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  • Risk Analysis
  • Security Systems Design
  • Installation of Sefety Devices

Machinery Safety devices

The light curtains
Safety light curtains protect the danger points and areas at risk up to a distance of 20 m. Single beam safety sensors enable the protection of hazardous areas from 10 m to 60 m. The resource modules transform the semiconductor outputs relay outputs and / or used to connect several independent safety devices. Securing perimeter access and access to inputs and outputs is perfect for protecting large machines and robotic centers with a range of less than 8 m.
The safety laser scanners
The safety laser scanners meet collision avoidance applications as well as occupancy sensing applications and intrusion.
The programmable safety systems
The programmable safety controllers communicate by FSoE protocol (Functional Safety over EtherCAT). This technology allows to integrate security directly into the network frame for sequential processing of applications. The programmable controller may also use a DeviceNet network security system that monitors the safety inputs and controls the safety outputs.
Carpets and safety edges
The safety mat systems offer a simple method of protection with flexibility and fatigue reduction and visibility and full access to the work area by the operator. Safety edges are used on the edges of barriers where there is a risk of crushing or shearing. It is important to fix the mat to the floor so they could not be moved, making them ineffective.
Safety switches for doors
There are several types of safety switches for doors: tongue, lock security, contactless, hinged door, explosion proof, etc. These switches are usually IP66, that is to say, they are dustproof and waterproof according prolonged immersion.
Emergency Stop Devices
The emergency stop pushbuttons offer a safe solution in case of failure. They are required to comply with national and international regulatory requirements for safety in the workplace. The cable to emergency stop devices are usually installed horizontally at critical points and, when pulled or cut, trigger the emergency stop switch.