Eliminate Stray Voltage Definitivly

Eliminate Stray Voltage Definitivly.

To eliminate stray voltages, we must correct the anomalies raised at diagnosis. Some work may still be required to make proper electrical installation. The results may take time to appear. It takes at least three weeks before noticing an improvement on the behavior of animals. While improvements have resolved nothing and there was always the presence of stray voltages, the solution is to use a system to completely eliminate the problem. To do this, we must drain the energy to make it travel a controlled way so that it does not come into contact with animals. We use a device which we are the exclusive agent since 1985 named EGS (Electronic Grounding System).

Le système EGS

  • ... a patented system that has proven itself in eliminating stray voltage.
  • ... corrects as the constant stray voltage that intermittent interference voltages, whether internal or external to the building.
  • ... can be installed without modification to the normal operation of the farm. 100% reliable!
  • ... unlike an insulator or a saturable reactor, the installation does not require cutting the link between the neutral of the farm and the neutral of the electrical input and, thereby, maintain the inherent security of having a system having several neutral earthed.
  • ... improves the overall current return system and is equipped with a self-monitoring system.
  • ... in the event that the EGS system detects excessive voltage on the second neutral, a visual and audible alarm is activated, and the problem can be corrected before the voltage does not hurt humans and animals.
Stray Voltage Kiosk

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  • A final solution to your Stray Voltage problems!
  • Calmer animals
  • Healthier animals
  • Increased production
  • Decreased workload
  • Assured peace of mind