Identify Stray Voltage

Identify Stray Voltage

It is primarily by the behavior it is possible to know if there are stray voltages. Indeed, the first symptoms in dairy cows are, for example: nervousness, uneven milking, milking time elongated, bucking, chronic mastitis, increased projection rate, high number of somatic cells and a reduction of water consumption. In pigs, the symptoms are aggression, nervousness, cannibalism and a reduction in water consumption. Other factors can cause these unwanted behaviors, but if in doubt, it desirable to do an analysis to see if there are stray voltages. Please be aware that transient voltages sources can be internal or external to the building.

Our diagnostic service

  • Continuous recording of the level of Stray Voltage. At least two milk production in the dairy sector.
  • Electric signature for each farm equipment. Starting and stopping equipment.
  • Discrete measurements at different point in the animal environment.
  • Measurement of the grounding.
  • Recommendations for preventive purpose of compliance with the Canadian Electrical Code.
  • Recommendation for the elimination of important sources of interference voltages.

External sources to the building

  • Primary supply electricity supplier network
  • Distribution network of high-voltage electricity supplier
  • Electrical ground current (bypass)
  • Neighboring electric fences

Internal sources to the building

  • Imbalance of electric charge
  • Faulty electrical equipment
  • Electrical equipment with variable speed
  • Electronic lighting equipment
  • Trainers and electric fences
  • Deficient Ground
  • Deficient masses continuity

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Discover how to Eliminate Stray Voltage!
How to Eliminate Stray Voltage!